Introducing Friends of San Carlos Airport (FOSA)


About Friends of San Carlos Airport

“Dedicated to keeping San Carlos Airport friendly, open, viable, and operating as a public use, general aviation airport.”


Who are we?

We are a network of people who use, depend on, and support the continued viability and operation of San Carlos Airport. We are Pilots, Aircraft Owners, Airport Businesses, Passengers, and Visitors who come from both near and far for many purposes including transportation, education, commerce, and pleasure.


What do we want?

We want to see the airport reasonably managed so it remains operational and competitive as a general aviation airport and hospitable to all users.


How do we operate?

We work with all airport constituents including airport management, county staff, elected officials, businesses, individuals, and the press to represent the interests of our network and provide a two-way conduit for news, information, opinion, and action.  We connect with our network through our website, email, twitter and personal contact and we are shaped by and take action through those that voluntarily provide support to the network to provide logistical, financial, cultural, technical and political support.


How can I help?

Send an email to and get on our email list. Follow us on Twitter at @FriendsofSQL so you will find out when to get involved and how to best apply your effort. When it’s time to rally in support of the airport, we will be sure to let you know!